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Authentic Choices ~ Acting Out of Your True Self

March 23, 2013

From birth our personality is obviously formed by all our relationships and the environment in which we live. For better and worse we develop patterns, lifestyles and belief systems based on these “external” influences. Adulthood is defined by personal choices and yet childhood patterns can prevent us from choosing what we really want. In this workshop, you will have a chance to explore your patterns of choosing and how they hijack your will. You will gain an awareness that will increase your ability to live your life more connected to your “authentic self”. [Click here for details]

  • Group Workshop: “Rewriting Scripts ~ Opening your Heart”

Scripts are the messages we take in, believe and act on without discerning whether they have true relevance or value for our lives. They are our unconscious motivations. For example, a child who is told that she cannot be good at math because she is a girl may base life decisions on this message unconsciously. In this workshop we will learn to identify and rewrite these scripts, thus freeing blocked parts of ourselves. You will learn to build awareness and open doors to possibilities for change and synthesis ~ a great act of love for all of who you are and thus for the world.

The first of six sessions will be coming in March 2013.  Sessions will last 2 hours once every two weeks.  This will be a closed group after the first session.  Attendees will need to commit to being present and supportive to other members of the group.  Group will consist of a minimum of three and maximum of six people.  Total cost is $150.00 which will include one private 30 minute session. [Contact]

Janette Conlon      5053 Main Street        Manchester Center, VT 05255        802-362-4015       bestvt@sover.net


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