Psychosynthesis: Hearing the Call of Self

2012-09-26 001 2012-09-26 003Do you sense that there is an easier way to meet your life’s challenges – a more effortless way to achieve balance in your self and relationships? Sometimes a little help with self-understanding is needed to hear clearly that Inner Voice. To respond to your call of self is to re-establish your center of being, rediscover effortless balance and strengthen your resources, resilience and knowing. Negative thinking, ineffective action, strong emotional reactions and habits can be seen as your Authentic Self crying out for harmony, freedom and expression. With Psychosynthesis as a guiding model of holistic counseling, you can uncover your deepest truth and free it from the sabotaged sense of self that has developed over a lifetime.

Psychosynthesis is a term coined by the psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli, to describe the natural process of growth of the whole person through both daily manifestation as well as so-called higher purpose.  This counseling approach makes conscious use of self-understanding and practical techniques towards individual and social healing and transformation.

Empowering your spirit with possiblilities, freedom of choice and engaged will,  this psycho-spiritual process brings all past and current personal experience forward into a synthesized Now!   Every person is viewed as whole in each moment, evolving and greater than the sum of the perceived parts.  Everything belongs and all relationships are honored so that your Authentic Self can truly shine through.

The Psychosynthesis process facilitates an empathic relationship between the client and guide, the discovery of one’s inner empathic, wise voice (most authentic and mature self), and the conscious integration of all parts of one’s personality into a healthier, fulfilled you.

Depending on your goals and challenges, a free consultation will allow us together to make an assessment to see if Psychosynthesis is the right counseling process for you. [read more]

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