Life Coaching: Answering the Call of Self

Are you looking for better skills and clarity to make decisions, solve problems or change your personal or professional path in a healthy way? Through Life Enhancement Coaching I provide the support to help you respond more effectively to your inner calling. Everyone can benefit from learning skills to accept change, embrace a new path 2012-09-27 001 2012-09-27 012and see a clear way forward.

As your life coach I can help you identify and define your vision or goal.    With my support you will work through actionable steps that make it possible to achieve your goal. You will learn skills that will help you to organize, make changes and follow a plan aligned with your will to move from goals to manifestation. You may also use this process to examine how your actual progress is congruent with your larger life’s purpose and values. In this way, adjustments in your plan of action can be made with awareness.

If interested [read more] about Coaching Sessions.

Janette Conlon      5053 Main Street   Manchester Center, VT 05255       802-362-4015


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