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Psychosynthesis: Hearing the Call of Self

Do you sense that there is an easier way to meet your life's challenges - a more effortless way to achieve balance in your self and relationships? Sometimes a little help with self-understanding is needed to hear clearly that Inner Voice. As a Psychosynthesis Guide, I can help...

Life Coaching: Answering the Call of Self

Are you looking for better skills to make decisions, solve problems or change your personal or professional path in a healthy way? Through Life Coaching I provide the support...

My Approach

I see my role as facilitating the client's decision to make a change and align their will with their purpose and goals.... I create a supportive environment

About Me

Life’s Philosophy: Life is a precious gift. I am here on this beautiful earth to live in the natural flow of my river of life with all of its joys and challenges. For me, embracing change is embracing life. Knowing this gives me strength and reduces much unnecessary suffering.
■"Blueprints to Wellbeing" Workshop Series: AUTHENTIC CHOICES~ ACTING OUT OF TRUE SELF > In this mini-workshop, you will have a chance to explore your patterns of choosing and how they hijack your will. You will gain an awareness that will increase your ability to live your life more connected to your "authentic self". ■Group Workshop Series: "REWRITING SCRIPTS ~ OPENING YOUR HEART" > Scripts are the messages we take in, believe and act on without discerning whether they have true relevance or value for our lives. They are our unconscious motivations. For example, a child who is told that she cannot be good at math because she is a girl may become an adult who bases life decisions unconsciously on this message. In this workshop we will learn to identify and rewrite these scripts, thus freeing blocked parts of ourselves. Click HERE for more information or CONTACT Janette Conlon
From Testimonials: >> "Janette is even-keeled, gentle, kind, caring, clear-headed, open-minded, great listener, nonjudgmental, self assured, competent, interested and interesting, capable, talented and has been very, very helpful to me through all the small and HUGE humps I have had over the last five years... helping me get through some of the worst times in my life when I wasn't sure how I would make it." ~ Louise G. >> "Janette not only provides a safe and nurturing environment, she has a wonderful way of bridging what one stores deep in themselves and giving it a voice." ~Kate